这是 70最重要的问题 to ask when interviewing for a Real Estate position. Treat the interview as an opportunity to find out as much as you can about starting you own business in conjunction with the company.


  • I am interested in Real Estate Sales (or Property Management). What are my opportunities with your company?
  • Is the company independent, corporate owned or a franchise?
  • 你们的市场占有率是多少?
  • 你们有多少间办公室?
  • 总共有多少代理? 每个办公室多少人?
  • 什么样的管理 & 你有系统支持吗?
  • How is your office staffed administratively?
  • Do you or your managers actively sell real estate and compete with the agents?
  • 你开办公室会议吗? 如果是,多久一次?
  • Are there any teams that are looking to add an agent?
  • Would I be paid as an employee or an independent contractor? If independent contractor, may I have a copy of your independent contractor agreement?
  • What makes your independent contractor agreement different?
  • 我如何查看您的政策手册?
  • 你们允许兼职经纪人吗? If so, what are your requirements/restrictions?
  • 你会如何衡量我的进步/成功?
  • 你对我有什么期望?
  • How many transactions per year do you expect me to close?
  • What kind of work space will be available for me?
  • Do you have conference rooms available to meet with clients? 


  • 你们的补偿计划是什么?
    • Do you have a written explanation of these plans?
    • How do I reach higher levels of compensation?
  • 更高的薪酬水平重新设定了吗? 如果是,请说明时间和方式?
  • 你们有100%的补偿计划吗? If so, what are the expenses associated with it?
  • Realistically, what is my income potential? 第一年? 之后?
  • How long is a reasonable time to wait before expecting some income, 如果全职从事房地产?


  • Is there additional help/training offered (if needed) and by whom? 解释.
  • Will I be obligated to remain with the company for a specified period of time to take advantage of no-charge type training?
  • 这个项目有费用吗? 如果是的话,费用是否可以报销?
  • 它是公司赞助? 我能旁听治疗吗? 检查材料?
  • 你们有基本的培训项目吗?
  • 你们有辅导项目吗?
    • 如果是,它是如何工作的?
    • 导师如何得到补偿?
  • What do you offer regarding on-going training? 


  • What are my expenses under your compensation plans?
  • Who pays for such needed items as: cards, advertising, signs, name riders, etc.?
  • What are the expected initial out-of-pocket costs upon beginning with your company?
  • What real estate professional organizations (MLS, Association of REALTORS, etc.)我将被期望加入?
    • 这些组织的成本是多少?
    • Why are these organizations necessary/important?
  • Do you have specific requirements for a salesperson’s car? 如果是,它们是什么? 保险是什么?
  • What are the tools that I need to have in order to be competitive? (Computer, smart phone, software, technology skills, etc.) 


  • Describe the technology that I will need to be successful:
    • What software do you provide and at what charge?
    • What software do you require or recommend that I must purchase?
    • What Apps should I have on my iPad, Smart Phone or other device?
  • 你的网址是什么? (Note: You should have visited the web site before the interview.)
  • What consumer services do you offer on-line?
  • Would I have a company email address and a presence on your web-site?
  • 我可以使用自己的网站吗? If so, what requirements do you have for my website?
  • What social media platforms are you regularly using to promote business? 


  • Is “floor time” available and what time opportunities and/or obligations would I have?
  • Open houses: In order to get a quick start may I hold someone else’s listing open to acquaint myself with the business and to get prospective buyers?
  • 公司提供线索吗?
  • What opportunities are there for me to generate leads?
  • 公司花多少钱做广告啊?
  • 我花了多少钱做广告?
  • Do you allow personalized “For Sale” signs?


  • What is the average sales price of houses for your company and/or this branch office?
  • If I personally buy or sell my own property, what are the company’s policies?
  • What are the company policies regarding rental properties I own?
  • Does your firm have special requirements on dress and grooming?
  • Are there some agents that have been with the company one year or less who I could talk with about their experiences with your company?
  • What are the three top reasons I should join your company?


  • 从事房地产销售等行业, a person must always be “up” and “people-oriented” to be effective. Even in the interview with prospective companies the person interviewing you will look for such things as ability to communicate, 态度积极,外表整洁. People who become successful are generally those who genuinely like people and want to assist them in solving a problem (selling their house or finding that “dream” home).
  • 这些 “successful” people also carry the attitude not of “I have to go to work”, 而应该是“我想去工作!“一切都取决于你的态度!!
  • When setting up an appointment with a prospective company, plan to find out not only what that company is going to give you, but how you can help make the company stronger by your efforts!
  • 这些 “Hogan School’s 70最重要的问题” will enable you to go in to your interview with confidence. Also, add some questions of your own to this list.
  • 大多数公司不需要简历, 然而, 准备充分的简历和求职信, 即使工作经验很少, indicates professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Be pleased when the company screens you well and expects more than a “body” and license from you! A selective company will work harder with you and for you to make you a stronger more professional person!


  • 看起来专业! Quiet, good taste is an important part of dress.
    • 男人: 有领衬衫(领带可选),休闲裤 & 运动外套.
    • 女人: 漂亮的套装、长裤套装或剪裁考究的连衣裙.